Full Sails Bartending was founded in 2015, and is operated by Corey & Reth Feldon. Based on Anderson Island, in the Southern Puget Sound, we service all of Western Washington.  Should your event be on the waterfront, anywhere in The Puget Sound, we’d love to bring our sailboat, a 30′ Newport.

Sailing has provided our family the opportunity to witness the marine environments of the Puget Sound, as well as the entirety of the Salish Sea.  There is nothing that pleases me more than to have the ability to introduce others to the beauties of our Pacific Northwest waters.  Ironically, I spent nearly 5 years in the U.S. Navy and never once boarded a vessel.  Such is the life of many a Seabee.

After spending several years serving up the spirits in local nightclubs, taverns, and casinos, I found myself in search of something more.  I discovered that “more” while bartending weddings for MixxItUp! Bartending Services.  Just having the opportunity to be a part of so many monumental days for so many great people is something I couldn’t have dreamed up.  I knew almost immediately that this is what I wanted to do on a larger scale.  The passion was born.  

Being able to combine two passions into a “life worth living” in order to provide for one's family is all a person can ask for in this life.  In addition to Full sails Bartending, we also own and operate South Sound Sailing Tours, and are currently booking tours.  Book your tour at SouthSoundSailing.com

You might say bartending runs in my blood... It all started with my grandfather, Carl Feldon. He owned & bartended a sports bar called Victory Tap in Wisconsin in the early 50s until the early 80s. From the past to the future, dreams run deep in our family.

When we’re not working an event, we’re usually spending time with our children and our dog Nutty.  Otherwise, there's a good chance that we’re out on the water, or very near it. - Corey & Reth