At Full Sails Bartending, we allow the client to provide the selected beverages, which means there are NO MARKUP FEES and NO CORKAGE FEES.  You choose and purchase the beverages you want served and bring them with you to the event-site.  Your bartender(s) will handle the rest!


We arrive on site at, or before, our scheduled time, set up the bar, and ice down the beverages.  We GUARANTEE that we’ll be ready as your first guests arrive.

Once you book us, we are happy to give estimates on product quantities, product varieties, as well as any equipment and props you may require.  By purchasing the beverages yourself, you’ll save money by taking advantage of bulk discounts.  As the event winds down, we make every effort to open as few bottles/kegs as possible.  This allows you to return any unused product to the place of purchase, if desired.